Conducting a test

The tests are performed by reference to the GS IFA B01 test principles. The principles described in this document include the rules and good engineering practice important for testing and certification, and supplement the "Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification carried out by the Testing and Certification Bodies in DGUV Test" (DGUV Principles 300-003, formerly BGG/GUV-G 902).

Testing may take the form of:

  • A type examination with issuing of a test certificate
  • An individual test

Only manufacturers or importers may commission type examinations.

Should manufacturers desire an orientation test, for example during the design phase, they may request an individual test.

The request form (PDF, 82 kB, non-accessible) with which the test is commissioned from the IFA is available for download.

Please complete and sign the form and send it to:

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