Hearing protector selection program for orchestra musicians

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Screenshot of the hearing protector selection program for orchestra musicians
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Unimpaired hearing is part of a musician's capital. Under the German OSH regulation governing noise and vibration (LärmVibrationsArbSchV), employers are obliged to protect employees against noise which presents a hazard to their hearing. Musicians, however, frequently conduct a number of tasks (solo practising, teaching, etc.) involving noise exposure which the musician's employer often cannot be completely aware of. For such cases, a selection program is available for musicians which assists them in determining their own exposure to noise and selecting suitable hearing protectors.


The software may be used for occupational safety and health purposes. Its use does not exempt the employer from his obligation under the LärmVibrationsArbSchV to conduct a risk assessment. Users should note in particular that for practical reasons, the software employs the weekly noise exposure level (the noise exposure may vary considerably from one working day to the next). Under the LärmVibrationsArbSchV Section 15 Paragraph 2, however, the employer must apply to the responsible authority before using the weekly rather than the daily noise exposure level for the purposes of risk assessment.

Use of the software for commercial purposes is not permitted.


Utmost care has been taken in development and testing of the software for the selection of hearing protectors. No liability can however be assumed, on whatever legal basis, for the correctness of the results.


Limits of accessibility can be found in the Declaration of Accessibility


Hearing protector selection program for orchestra musicians (XLS, 604 kB) (MS Excel file)

Since the range of available hearing protectors is continually changing, the software is regularly updated (current program version: 1.2, database last updated: November 2011).


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