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Source: KAN

NoRA is a powerful tool for searching for OSH-related standards. It was developed jointly by KAN and DIN Software GmbH and is available for use free of charge. English and German user interfaces are available. The database contains information on some 13,500 standards. The special ErgoNoRA search tool locates standards in the area of ergonomics.

Further facilities permit searches for draft standards, and subscription free of charge to the NoRA ticker, which provides user-defined information at monthly intervals on changes in the NoRA database.

NoRA returns the results of a search query in the form of a list of titles of standards. From these results, the user can call up summaries of the individual standards at the click of a mouse, in order to review the selection made by the system more closely for its applicability. Further information on the individual standards can also be called up through a detailed view.

The full-text versions of the standards found by the search can be ordered for a fee online from within NoRA.

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